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Mathematical Chemistry and ChemoInformatics

William Larsen and Jotun Hein gave a book review talk on Monday 7th November 2-4PM in IT Teaching Room, Department of Statistics.

The book is called “Mathematical Chemistry and ChemoInformatics”
The book covers the combinatorics of molecules (especially Polya-Counting), their embedding in 3D Euclidian Space, Chirality, Stereoisomers and a series of application using the program MOLGEN. We are motived to study this book since William is working on models of origin life involving small molecules, but it is obvious that the field could be a rich source of statistical problems to work on.
The slides can be found here:http://preview.tinyurl.com/MoleculeCombinatorics

For the unqualitative verdict: It received 7/10 stars

Grades of previously read books can be found among the slides above.


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