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New website!

This week, the Hein group has been working hard on putting together this new website. We’ve pulled together and updated information and resources from our departmental web pages, Facebook, our many Dropbox folders, and more. We hope that from now on, this website will be the central place to stay up-to-date with the group and what we get up to.


Our beautiful new homepage.

To stay in touch with what we’re doing and reading, check out our blogs and reading group pages (which were previously spread out across several Facebook pages). If you’re interested in joining the group, or just finding out what we’re working on in more detail, have a look at our projects page. We’re working on adding more learning resources. And if you want to get in touch with a particular member of the group, our details are on this site too.

For now, our new posts will be automatically shared on our Science Book Club Facebook page, as well as Jotun’s Twitter account, in case you want to stay up to date through social media.

Many thanks to Jimi Cullen, Mathias Cronjäger, Michael Golden, and William Larsen for all their hard work on pulling the site together!

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