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We are done with Roemer (1996): “Theories of Distributive Justice”.  It was hard to digest to say the least and we might still have a wrap-up dinner at University College, if I find an expert who are willing to discuss with the 4 readers.

We are real happy to move on and somehow we found the above topic appealing.  I have avoided reading on this as I feel the Brain extremely complex, textbooks on Neuroscience are often huge, I am sceptical about the contribution about philosophy to the kind of knowledge I strive for.  I personally feel absolutely fine with a life without consciousness and have repeatedly recommended it to others.

But it is one of the BIG QUESTIONS and the ability to simulate the brain grows, so it would be real exciting to scratch the surface of this topic.   I have also included 4 lectures in my course Topics in Computational Biology in 2019, so I better get started reading the background literature and for once this fits right in.

I emailed 5 Professors of Neuroscience I knew, for recommendations and so far this book got unambigous praise, but I hope for a bit more feedback and advice on supplementary readings.  We are real careful with the books we read and it is not easy to get through the needle’s eye.  It has to be hard to read so it needs thorough discussion for each chapter.  In Roemer we at times used 30 minutes per page…..

But if I don’t find a better book by Monday morning, we will start Friday May 4th 6.30AM UK time per skype to discuss Stan Dehaene (2014): “Consciousness and the Brain: Deciphering How the Brain Codes Our Thoughts”.  We might supplement this with technical literature if need be.


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