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Group members

Jotun Hein is Professor of Bioinformatics with the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford, and the group leader. Contact: hein@stats.ox.ac.uk

DPhil students (in order that they joined the group):

Rotation project student (DPhil):

  • Lance Hentges

Master students:

  • Russel Chan
  • Sili Shen
  • Zhewen Shi

Collaborators include:

Group/Person Affiliation Area
William Cookson & Miriam Moffatt Imperial College Asthma Genetics
John Hancock MRC, Harwell Mouse Genetics
Jens Ledet Jensen Aarhus University Statistical Alignment
Thomas Mailund Aarhus University Viral Evolution
Shuhei Mano Nagoya City University Ancestral Inference
Mikkel Schierup University of Aarhus Mapping and Population Genetics
Carsten Wiuf University of Aarhus Systems Biology and Regulation
Mike Steel University of Canterbury, NZ Combinatorics and Inference of Pedigrees

Past group members include:

Jo Davies Researcher
James Anderson Research Developer
Alexi Drummond Senior Lecturer
Saskia de Groot Consultant
Roald Forsberg Senior Scientific Officer
Garrett Hellenthal Postdoc
Joe Herman Postdoc
Ian Holmes Assistant Professor
Ben Holtom Medical Writer
Wim Hordijk Postdoc
Martha Imprialou Postdoc
Dan Levy Senior Computer Scientist
Gerton Lunter Postdoc
Rune Lyngsoe Research Developer
Thomas Mailund Research Associate Professor
Shuhei Mano Associate Professor
Stephen McCauley Principal Managing Scientist
Irmtraud Meyer Assistant Professor
Naila Mimouni Management Consultant
Aziz Mithani Postdoc
Istvan Miklos Postdoc
Marton Munz Postdoc
Adam Novak Postdoc
Lior Pachter Associate Professor
Andrea Rocco Research Fellow
Rahul Satija Postdoc
Santiago Schnell Associate Professor
Beth Shapiro Assistant Professor
Jacob Skou Pedersen Postdoc
Yun S Song Assistant Professor
Jennifer Taylor Postdoc
Huy Vu Research Developer
Caleb Webber Postdoc
Carsten Wiuf Professor
Alexandre Caldeira Postdoc