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Jimi Cullen


On holiday in Lebanon, summer 2016

Email: cullen@stats.ox.ac.uk

Office: 1.19 (Statistics Department, St Giles’)

I am a DPhil student at New College, and am part of the Systems Biology DTC. I’m jointly supervised by Jotun Hein in the Statistics department and Peter Holland in the Zoology department.

My research is on probabilistic models of sequence evolution, with applications to genetics and historical linguistics. So I take sequences that exist now (like a sequence of sounds that make up a word, or a sequence of nucleotides that make up a gene). These sequences have come about as a result of evolution from earlier words or genes. I try to define a useful model of how the sequences change, and use that to make guesses about what the ancestral sequences might have looked like.

Before starting my DPhil I studied mathematics and computer science to master’s level here at Oxford, with a focus on theoretical computer science. My current research focusses on stochastic models of sequence evolution, extending existing methods for existing and new applications, such as genetics and historical linguistics.

My other academic and non-academic interests include ethics and philosophy of science, languages, Jewish philosophy, and mathematical modelling for finance and drug discovery.

I occasionally blog at jfhcullen.com.