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We are recruiting DPhil students! (Or as they are known outside of Oxford, PhD students!). We welcome emails from people interested in PhD projects in bioinformatics, phylogenetics, statistical approaches to historical linguistics, and other areas. Send an email to hein@stats.ox.ac.uk.

We are always happy to hear from people interested in collaborating with us or joining the group for a summer project, master’s project, or a DPhil. Below are some ideas of projects that we are actively looking to recruit for, but we have broad interests so if you have a great idea for a related project please feel free to get in touch to discuss it.

Present project proposals

Here we provide a bit of background for ongoing or proposed projects and also a description of work completed earlier by students in Oxford.

Funding for short projects

The descriptions of the projects are in general terms, outlining some open problems in various areas of bioinformatics. Please note that funding is not available for project proposals (unless otherwise stated). Some of these projects are very suitable for summer studentships though, where funding can be obtained by application from Wellcome (for UK-based university students only), Nuffield (for UK-based university students only), the Genetics Society , EPSRC and the Statistics Department. For further information concerning funding from the UK please see here. For European students interested in devoting slightly more time to working on a project – at least three months – the Erasmus Programme may be suitable. For Danish students, please see here. The deadlines start in February before the summer in question. More information on possible funding opportunities can be found at ResearchResearch, the Mathematical Institute’s list of studentship funding, and Oxford University’s financial section. American students may also consider the National Institute of Health Oxford/Cambridge program or the Rhodes Scholar program.

Completed or on-hold (but interesting) projects

For projects which are not currently active but contain interesting ideas and past progress, look at our Old Projects page.

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