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The exercises found below have primarily been developed for specific teaching duties of the group. However, you may find some of it useful for other purposes, so now it is made freely available to you here!

Exercises from The Analysis of Biological Networks (2009 course)

Exercises week 2 – Solutions week 2  – Shortest Paths and Spanning Trees

Exercises with solutions week 3  – Connected Components and Flows

Exercises week 6 – Solutions week 6 – Network Inference and Robustness

Exercises from MS2a Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (2008 course)

Exercises week 1  – Solutions week 1 – Substitution Models

Exercises week 2Solutions week 2 – Tree Counting and Ancestral Analysis

Exercises week 3Solutions week 3 – Phylogeny Reconstruction

Exercises with Solutions week 4 – Alignment and Recombination

Exercises week 5 – Solutions week 5 (missing) – Statistical Alignment

Eercises week 6 – Solutions week 6 (missing) – RNA Secondary Structure

Exercises week 7 – Solutions week 7 (missing) – Hidden Markov Models




What is an exercise?

In our terminology, an exercise is a set of problems which focuses on the conseptual aspects and is mostly solved using pen and paper

This distinguishes it from practical, which is usually solved using a computer.

You may also be interested in the practicals.

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