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Phylogeny: Discrete and random processes in evolution

We have read and reviewed “Phylogeny: Discrete and random processes in evolution” by Mike Steel.

The slides for a talk given by Jotun to sum up the book can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/Steel-Phylogeny.

We have written up a full review of the book which can be found here.

An abbreviated version of the above review has been published on the SIAM News blog, in three parts: (part I, part II, part III)

Comments on the process:

The book has actually done us a lot of good and I hope to return to some of its topics at a more leisurely pace. TIt will be 2pm in the new Statistics Building. We will write an extensive review of the book that we hope to publish simultaneously with its publication. This way of reading a book is extremeli good for everybody: the author gets feedback in the final stages of writing, we get discussions with the author and the book gets review when it is published and not 2 years after. I tried to get the same arrangement with the forth coming multivolume history of the Danish Language, but publisher and editors weren’t too eager.

Physical copy of the book: http://bookstore.siam.org/cb89/


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