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About the Science Book Club

This book club has been going on for ages and we have gone through many works. We read a a brisk pace and aim to meet each morning before work and discuss for 90 minutes covering 10-20 pages and then we read next segment in the evening during Oxford Term (http://www.ox.ac.uk/about/facts-and-figures/dates-of-term).
It is clearly very demanding, but we do cover a lot. At the end of the term making a lecture trying to summarise the book (like http://tinyurl.com/RECOMBINATORICS). We sometimes also submit a review of the book. Past books we have read include:

  • An introduction to Chemoinformatics, by A. R. Leach and V.J. Gillet
  • Models of Life, by K. Sneppen
  • Infectious diseases of humans, by R. M. Anderson and R. M. May
  • The regulation of cellular systems, by R. Heinrich and S. Schuster
  • Differential equations, dynamical systems and linear algebra, by M. W. Hirsch and S. Smale
  • Mathematical Biology I: An Introduction, by J. D. Murray
  • Mathematical Biology II: Spatial Models and Biomedical Applications, by J. D. Murray
  • Mathematical Models of Social Evolution: A Guide for the Perplexed, by R. McElreath and R. Boyd
  • Molecular Evolution: A statistical Approach, by Z. Yang
  • ReCombinatorics – The Algoritms of ancestral recombination graphs and explicit phylogenetic networks, by D. Gusfield
  • Computational Cell Biology, edited by C. P. Fall et al.
  • Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics, by W. J. Ewens and G. R. Granskaermbillede-2017-01-20-15-15-18skaermbillede-2017-01-20-15-16-53

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